For 36 years, our Co-op has offered high quality rental gear for your Alaskan vacation.

Our Motto is: 

"Not Too Cold. Not Too Warm. Not Too Expensive.  Just Right for Your Trip."  


We sell warm, cold-rated gear, so we always have plenty of the latest technology in stock.

 But truly, we do this because its fun for us to help you enjoy your Alaskan holiday.

We Have Outfittted Visitors from all Over the World!

Plain and simple, we customize your rental gear to your activities-- that’s why we like to talk to you before you arrive.   We want to know what kind of trip you are planning, because we outfit you with different gear if you are skiing versus viewing the Aurora.


While we will personalize your rental, the winter gear below will meet most visitor needs. It will keep you warm taking sled dog rides, watching the Iditarod races, walking along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, or visiting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (a “Must See”) but not be burdensome climbing in and out of your car, bus, or airplane.  


If you are planning on an Aurora viewing, where you are standing outside for hours at 2:00 AM in Fairbanks, we will supplement your package with a wool vest, heavier boots, liner gloves and a balaclava.

-You will need them-


We also have -40F and -60F cold-rated gear for those Iditarod Volunteers going out on the trail or film crews shooting during Alaska's winter.  This highly technical gear will keep you warm when you are outside in blowing snow & frigid temperatures.


Our Rates:

We charge by the piece and by the day.  

The day you pick up gear is rental day one and the day you return the gear is the last rental day.  For example, if you pick the gear up on Thursday and return it Saturday, we will charge you for a 3-day rental.   


We charge a $150 deposit for each person to ensure we get our gear back safe and sound.  We refund your credit card once the gear is returned and has passed inspection.


There no smoking in the gear, and if we need to wash or repair your gear, we will notify you and deduct the cost from your deposit. 


Sometimes, for longer rentals, its cheaper to purchase gear, and we will help you find the right gear, at the right price for your type of stay. We can also point you to places in Anchorage that may buy your lightly used gear.  

You can order your gear here on the website, or give us a call or send us an email at

and we will get you started.

We are closed on Sundays,

but are open Monday through Saturday