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The Venn Diagram of KÜHL

The Venn Diagram of KÜHL

Posted by Paul Adelman on Oct 18th 2020

As the manager 6th Avenue Outfitters, there’s no particular reason you should trust me when I tell you just how good Kuhl clothing and outerwear is. Except. Except that I started wearing Kuhl years before I started working at 6th Avenue Outfitters. And immediately realized Kuhl simply was different – was better. I realized that Kuhl had found that magic sweet spot where fit, comfort, movement, style, utility and durability all come together in an amazing way. I call this the Venn Diagram of Kuhl.

My wife Jacqueline gets the credit. She had (and still has) an old soft pullover fleece from Alf. Alf was the company that years ago grew into Kuhl. Jacqueline bought me a pair of Kuhl Free Rydr pants for my birthday one year, and they just fit better than any pants I’d ever owned. They moved better. They were instantly comfortable. They were tough and rugged like a pair of Carhartts, but they moved much more freely and they looked much better.

My next pair were the KÜHL Destroyr. I got these as travel and hiking pants – they are light and pack down to nothing, making them the perfect travel pant. I could hike in them, wear them to work, wear them out to dinner, or fly around the world – the ultimate do-anything pant. And I didn’t even know it when I bought them, but they come with a DWR coating – as do a lot of Kuhl pants. DWR stands for Durable Water Repellant, but what it means in reality is that water beads off and they are really, really hard to stain. They stay almost magically clean, even doing dirty jobs. And they have that magic Kuhl fit where they just fit this 58-year old Dadbod better than any other brand I have found.

Kuhl pants are kind of a cult object for the men that wear them, for the same reason they are with me. Like most men, once I find an article of clothing or brand I really like, I stick with it. It becomes my “go to.” I don’t have to think about it when I get dressed, I don’t have to think about it when I shop.

The Venn Diagram of Kuhl. Pants that fit, that look and feel great, that move beautifully, that last, and that are versatile. It’s a real thing. Come to the store try a pair of KÜHL pants, and you’ll see.