CO-OP Rewards

6th Avenue Outfitters Loyalty Rewards Program Overview



We are implementing a new loyalty program for customers. We are calling it the “Co-op Rewards” program. This program replaces all previous loyalty programs, including the Kuhl Amp program, the 10% discount for Village members, and any other previously existing discount and rewards programs.


The Co-op Rewards Program membership is free to join. In order to join, we require a customer’s full name, email address, phone number, and birthday. Customers who are already in our system will automatically be enrolled. Any customer who declines to provide the requested information cannot be enrolled in the program and will not earn any benefits.


We have a lot of customers in rural Alaska where we have their phone number but not an email. We are trying to get as many email addresses as possible so every time we interact with a customer already in Vend, you must ask for an email address.


Because this Program is intended to reward repeated and loyal customers, it is aimed toward Alaskan customers, not tourists who are just passing through. We do not care about signing up tourists. You, as a staff member making a sale, will need to assess each customer and decide if we want to sign them up.


How it Works: Purchases & Reward Accrual

Members will receive 5% back in rewards on qualifying purchases. The definition of “qualifying purchase” is any purchase by a customer who is a member of the Co-op Rewards Program that is made in the store, including the Outlet, made on-line, or made over the phone.

Any purchase made by a corporation, group, association, or other similar entity is not eligible for the Program.

Certain categories of spending do not qualify for rewards. These include shipping costs, COD fees, sales tax, rentals, and gift card redemptions. We reserve the right to change these categories at any time in any manner.

When a customer enrolled in the program makes a qualifying purchase, that customer will then earn 5% of the value of that purchase in the form of points. The customer gets 1 point for every dollar they spend on a qualifying purchase. So, if a customer spends $100, they earn 100 points. Those 100 points are worth $5 toward a future purchase by the customer. Each point is thus worth 5 cents.


Points will post to a member’s account 24 hours after the purchase date, shipment date, or delivery date. COD purchases are a special category, because we do not want to give out the reward points until we have been paid. So COD purchases will not accrue any points until we have received and entered payment in the order status in our system (Vend).


If a customer returns an item for a qualifying purchase for which they received points, we will deduct the corresponding number of points from the customer’s account.


We can give reward points for other purposes, for example giving more points if and when we want to, and having flexibility as to using rewards to drive sales. We plan to have promotions such as “Double Points” sales, to give birthday rewards, and in general be able to use this program to encourage customers to make more frequent purchases.


Redeeming Rewards

In order to earn and redeem a reward, a customer much reach a certain point level. Once they reach that level, they will automatically receive a notification that they are eligible for the relevant reward. Rewards can be used on-line, by phone, or in the store. Reward opportunities are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of 6th Avenue Outfitters Co-op management team. This table shows the current list of reward options.



100 Points

$5.00 OFF

200 Points

$10.00 Off

300 Points

$15.00 Off

500 Points

$25.00 Off

1000 Points

$50.00 Off







Relevant Terms & Conditions

If a customer does not use their Co-op Rewards Points within a certain time period, the points expire. We have decided to do this on a calendar year basis, meaning that reward points are accumulated from January 1 to December 31 of a given year. Unused Reward Points will expire annual at midnight on December 31 of every year. Rewards points are set to zero at the beginning of each new calendar year. By December 1 of each year we will notify each customer who has a point balance greater than 100 points that they have until the end of the year to use their rewards. At year end, once a customer uses their reward balance and their remaining reward balance has fallen below 100 points, that amount cannot be used for another transaction and will be forfeited at the year-end re-set to zero,


A customer’s Point Balance is available by phone at 907-276-0233 and available to check online to customers who have created a account.


Eligibility & Enrollment

A customer’s name, email, or mobile phone number is their unique membership identifier and must be provided to earn points on eligible purchases. Because we use the mobile number or email address to identify a customer as a member and to notify the customer of Program benefits, the customer must ensure that both are accurate and current.


An customer may enroll in the Program by fully and accurately providing applicable information on the website, by phone, or in-store. 6th Avenue Outfitters Co-Op reserves the right to deny membership in the program to any enrollee in its sole discretion and without notice. Program rewards are non-transferable and can only be used by the named customer. Any attempt to transfer or assign rewards, or for a person to use someone else’s rewards is not permitted. Upon the death of a member, the member’s account will be closed and any benefits or rewards in the account will be forfeited.


Resellers and Corporations are excluded from the Program and from receiving points. If we mistakenly issue points for resale purchases, we reserve the right to deduct those improperly awarded points and/or to invalidate improperly issued reward certificates, as well as to terminate such accounts.



Any personal information a customer provides to 6th Avenue Outfitters Co-op in connection with the Program will be handled in accordance with the 6th Avenue Outfitters Privacy Policy, available at When you enroll in the Program and provide us your email address, you are opting in to receiving marketing emails and/or text messages from us. You may update your marketing email preferences at any time. See the 6th Avenue Outfitters Privacy Policy for more information on how to do so. Please note that even if you opt out of receiving marketing messages, you will continue to receive transactional and service-related messages from us regarding the Program.