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We offer our Alaskan customers Collect on Delivery (COD) services, which allow you to pay for the goods when they arrive at the post office.  

COD orders pay a $10.00 handing fee, plus actual USPS shipping & COD charges.

Once the package arrives at your post office, the postmaster will hold your package for 14 days. 


Just select “COD” from the payment options when you check out and we will package your goods and ship them out to you.  

CODs are limited to $450.00 per transaction.  


If you don't pick up your package within 14 days, the post office returns the package.  

We send you an invoice for the handling and shipping fees, but not for the returned goods. 

Invoices that are not paid are assessed an additional $15.00 fee and sent to collections.   

We won’t be able to take another COD order from you until your COD balance is zero.