Terramar Men's Authentic 2.0 Thermal Bottom



Authentic Thermal is the workhorse of the Terrarmar men’s line. This soft versatile bottom will protect you while skiing on a cold winters day or keep you comfortable while blowing snow or splitting wood in the driveway. The dual-ply midweight microfiber fabric traps plenty of air to keep you warm, dry and comfortable throughout the day. If you are a busy guy you don’t want to worry about your layers. Authentic Thermal gets it done.


2 Layer Construction

EC2 Qwik-Dri Thermoregulation



Quick Drying



EC2® Qwik-Dri™ fabrics offer body-activated comfort: they respond to your body's needs, whatever you happen to be doing, by pulling moisture off your skin, creating cooling evaporation. The evaporation takes place rapidly, three times faster than typical wicking fabrics perform, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable, ready to once again insulate you as soon as you stop exercising and your body's heat and moisture production drop. Since the EC2 Qwik-Dri process alters the molecular signature of the yarn in our fabric, the moisture control is permanent. It won't wash out or wear off.

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