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Our Way Forward 2020

Our Way Forward 2020

Posted by Kate Mauldin on Oct 20th 2020

Alaska's economy has been hit hard by falling oil prices and COVID19.

Our State and our store has been through hard times before. 

Larry and Ray, two retired Anchorage firefighters, opened 6th Avenue Outfitters in 1986, the year Alaska's economy hit the rocks.   

They had taken a $200,000 loan from Dan Cuddy at First National to get the business off the ground.  

In 1986, Businesses were folding around them daily.  Even banks were folding.  

So, what did they do?  They lowered their prices and their profit margins and they loaded the store gear that Alaskans families needed---warm, safe & dry gear.  They hired friendly staff and created a family business where people felt welcomed in to shop.  

The business survived 1986 and all of the good and bad times that followed 35 years.  Ray passed in 2006, Larry passed in 2017, yet 6th Avenue Outfitters is still here. Now owned by Alaskan families and villages all across Alaska.  

With COVID and oil prices, hard times have returned.  

So we have changed.  We have dropped our profit margins and lowered our prices. 

We've published our catalog online to provide all of Alaska with the opportunity to buy at lower prices.  

6th Avenue Outfitters Fall 2020 Catalog

Plus Every Alaskan village resident gets an additional 10% off everything they buy.  

We are getting our Pulse winter jackets from the Chinese manufacturer.  That has saved our customers around $30 on each winter jacket. All of our Pulse winter jackets for men, women or children are under $150!

We buy supplier's past season gear at deep discounts and sell them at deep discounts (online we call them Garage Sales) and pass the savings to our customers. 

Finally, we purchase brand name gear through our national buying agency to save money on those brands you want and need.  

Wherever we can squeeze a dollar or a dime, we do it and pass the savings to you. 

Together, we will get through this hard time, just like we did '86.