Kamik Kid's Outerwear

6th Avene Outfitters Co-op
Winter Gear Criteria

Jackets, Snow Bibs & Snow Pants must be rated to -25°F.

Snow Boots must be rated between -25°F & -40°F.  

Parents tell us Kamik provides the best cold protection for their kids.  

Paul Adelman Co-op Member/General Manager

Why We Buy Kamik for Alaska Kids


Fleece Linings

Grow Capacity

Fabrics are reinforced in all areas likely to become worn and torn - sleeves, knees & bottoms  

Every jacket and bib has an extra layer of fleece in the body and most have a fleece lining in the hood.

Kid's grow. Kamik gear is manufactured so that parents can extend jacket sleeves and bib length.  

Introducing Gusti Sport

Gusti International, a Canadian company, is the manufacturer for Kamik Kid's Outerwear.

Gusti now produces their own line of kid's winter gear, called Gusti Sport.

Manufactured side-by-side with Kamik and to the same standards, Gusti Sport is a lower-cost option for families which still meets our winter gear criteria of -25°F.  

Look for Gusti Sport in our winter jackets and snow bibs!  

Kid's Winter Gear Lineup

Winter Jackets

Snow Bibs