Does Your Village Own the Co-op?

Our Mission is to Lower the Cost of Outdoor Gear for the Families and Communities are Co-op Members!  Check below to see if your community is a Co-op Member, then look further down the page on how to use your zip code to save 15% every time you shop!


Owner  Benefits:

If you have purchased a Membership or you live in one of our Co-op Owner Villages, you are part of that village's "family" and entitled 15% off every time you shop online, in the store or via the phone, except on Canada Goose purchases.  

Members and Village members get discounts on COD purchases as well as prepaid purchases.

Members who use a credit card and shop online get $10.00 flat rate shipping no matter how large the order.  

Your Postal Zip Code Gives You Special Discounts Off Every Purchase!


How to use your zip code to get your Membership discounts

Once you have put items in your cart, you can apply a coupon code.  

1.  Place the items that you want in your cart.  

2.  Click on the  "Coupon/Gift Certificate" icon.  

3.  Enter your zip code and click enter.

4.  Your discount will be applied automatically to every item in your cart just like in the photos below.   





Give us a call at 276-0233 or send us an email at

If your village would like to join the Co-op, click on BECOME A MEMBER