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Outdoor Life

We are different.

We know cold, ice, rain, sleet & hail because we live in it 365 days a year.

Our environment doesn’t stand passively by while we catch fish or jump on the snow machine or get the kids to school or head out to get that jug of milk. 

Its slaps us in the face with a frigid hand the moment we head out the door.  

It freezes our fingers when we are trying to pull the chucks of ice from the windshield wipers. 

It pours unending rain on our heads, finding the smallest gap between neck and jacket.  

Its biting insects launch attack the minute we show bare skin. 

And even in the heart of the summer, for the unprepared, it can cause hypothermia.

So 6th Avenue Outfitters brings high quality gear to our coop members whose lives and livelihoods meet that outdoors every day.