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Our KÜHL Story

Our KÜHL Story

Posted by AK Co-op Boy on Mar 8th 2019


Years ago we met a small Utah clothing supplier offering up a pair of work pants with a fit and style that had no equal. 

It was KUHL's "The Law" which defined a new path for heavyweight pants. Featuring knockabout kloth, articulated knees and a band of Chamois leather around the waist, these were the most luxurious heavyweight canvas we had ever seen.  

From that moment we were in love. Head over Heels.  Gobsmaked.  And when you are in love you do crazy things. Turn over new leaves.  Start fresh.  

We were no different.  We needed to make room for KÜHL so Anchorage could love it as well.  

We dropped other brands, Mountain Hardwear, Carhartt, Outdoor Research. Over two years, we slowly increased our investment in KÜHL.  

Last year we started KUHL Tuesdays so people could try on new styles, win prizes and discount cards. 

Now finally, a full one third of our store is devoted to KÜHL. 

It is a love affair, KÜHL and 6th Avenue Outfitters.  We look at all of the racks and racks of KUHL in our store and we think, yup, this is how we want it to be.