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Life Outdoors in Alaska

Life Outdoors in Alaska

Posted by Co-op Blog Boy on Mar 8th 2019

Life Outside

When you live in Alaska, you have a close relationship with cold, ice, rain and snow. because we don't "recreate" outdoors, we live outdoors.  It is who we are.  

We hunt for dinner outdoors, we fish.  When we poke our head out the door of the cabin or open the tent, or even the front door of our Anchorage home, Alaska welcomes us with a frigid slap in the face.  

Alaska freezes our fingers freezes when we are trying to pull the chucks of ice from the windshield wipers.  It pours rain on our heads, finding the smallest gap between our neck and  jacket. 

It sends hords of biting insects, with names like "White Socks", "No-See-Ums",and "Damned Mosquitos" the minute we show bare skin.  And frequently even when we don't.

6th Avenue Outfitters Co-op was born in the Alaska elements and so when we bring great brands and gear to stock the shelves that are time-tested for life outdoors.  

Because we know cold and we know how to keep you warm, safe & dry.