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Co-op Membership

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  • Co-op Membership
  • Co-op Membership
  • Co-op Membership
  • Co-op Membership
  • Co-op Membership
  • Co-op Membership


The owners of this Co-op come from villages and cities all across Alaska; anyone who purchases a share of Co-op stock is an owner.  We have over 200 owners so far!!
Co-op Ownership is inexpensive - just $25.00 for one share for an individual/family, $20 if you are a member of Alaska's active Military and $50 if you are a business or Alaska village, town or city.  
We offer great membership benefits.  
If you would like to purchase an item and want membership discounts, purchase your membership first.  When we receive your membership order, we will send you a special code to use online that will give you discounts whenever you shop. 
We match Amazon Prime on any item we sell (excluding Canada Goose, because of the rampant fraud on Amazon).  If you would like a Prime Price, call our office and we will complete your order via phone - 907-276-0233 or stop in.  
OR if an Amazon Prime Price isn't available, members get discounts online, in the store, or via phone order on every item (except Canada Goose--they don't allow it.) 
1.  10% discounts off retail prices for individual and family members
2.  12% discount off retail prices for military members.
3.  15% discount off retail prices for business & Alaska village, town or city members.
Earning Additional Discounts:
During the year, we need help in the store, when new merchandise comes in or we need to do an inventory.  Members who help can earn up to 30% off retail prices by working for 20 hours in the store.  We post on Facebook when we need member volunteers.
This is your Hometown Co-op. Join today!! 
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